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What We Offer

According to the 2015 US Census Bureau, there are approximately 40 million people in the US with a disability; 6.5 million of those with an intellectual developmental disability. Despite the large number of planning resources available for these individuals, there is a severe lack of preparation for one inevitable cost: a dignified funeral.

The Special Considerations program can help all individuals with special needs to purchase life insurance to cover their final expenses.

Quick Facts

    Guaranteed Issue - Everyone is accepted.

    Flexibility - Payments may be based on individual's monthly budget or a single lump sum for spend down situations.

    Portability - If a person moves, the contract follows them.

    Coverage - If an individual makes monthly payments, full contract value is available beginning the 25th month.

    Growth - The death benefit will grow tax free until death.

    Protection - All contracts are set up with an Irrevocable Assignment so Medicaid and SSI can not consider them an asset.

    Security - All contracts are underwritten by an A.M. Best rated "excellent" company, National Guardian Life, and then secured in their Funeral Trust until death.

    Simplicity - We provide a systematic enrollment process which organizes and simplifies the funeral planning process. Upon death, any funeral home in any state may be used with the benefit amount.

    *State-specific limitations may apply.