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Get To Know Us

Our People

Ruth Wolf is the Senior Consultant at Special Considerations. Ruth possesses a unique and diverse background in the special needs field. Over the past 25 years, she has conducted seminars and consulted with hundreds of families on effective estate planning for their family member with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Ruth designed and launched a national program in 1997 to address the need of planning financially for the end of life for an individual with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Her drive has been her family and her son, Matthew, who was born with Down Syndrome.

Allison Sanders is the Vice President of Special Considerations. She shares the same compassion and drive to help our special needs community as Ruth which really isn’t much of a surprise since they share the same genes. Allison began with Special Considerations in 2011 and has taken the program nationwide - offering tailored burial insurance planning and services to all those in need. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Penn State University which makes Matthew (a passionate Nittany Lion football fan) very happy.

Our Origins

Special Considerations is a division of Golden Considerations Inc., the nation's leading funeral insurance and funeral trust organization. For over 20 years, Golden Considerations has served the death care industry with passion and dedication realizing massive growth throughout its entire history. Today, Golden Considerations maintains partnerships with over 700 funeral homes in 38 states serving over 19,000 families annually.

In 1997, managers at Golden Considerations became acutely aware that individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities were severely underserved when one of our very own agents was having trouble finding coverage for her son with special needs. Over the years, Golden Considerations cultivated relationships locally with the Special Needs Community and in 2010 they launched a national division devoted to serving individuals with special needs. They crafted new financial products with trustworthy insurance companies, hired new staff and invested in the necessary resources - Special Considerations was born.

Our Mission Statement

Special Considerations is committed to serving individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We strive to provide a seamless and comprehensive plan to remove the financial and emotional burdens created by unexpected loss. By utilizing our 16 years of experience and personal relationships with the Special Needs Community, Special Considerations is truly able to serve every individual and organization in need.

Our Core Values

Special Considerations is founded on three major principles: Integrity, Compassion, and Hard Work.

    Integrity -
    We will do what we say we're going to do when we say we will do it.
    Compassion - Our motivation is a desire to care for and serve those in need, not profits.
    Hard Work - It takes substantial time and effort to ensure a dignified end of life for our clients. We will not rest while there are people in need.