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Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Many individuals with special needs are passing away with little or no funds for their final expenses. How can caregivers eliminate this financial and emotional strain on loved ones?
Solution : Special Considerations provides a comprehensive program which addresses the financial and emotional aspects of a funeral plan, well ahead of the time of need. Payments can be made monthly, based upon an individual’s budget, or as a single lump sum for spend down situations.

Question 2: Many families and caregivers of special needs individuals, find they need assistance in preserving assets for their loved one's funeral or final expenses, without compromising their valuable government benefits. How can families and caregivers affectively accomplish this?
Solution : Each individual’s funeral plan will include a no cost, irrevocable trust which will protect the funds from consideration as an asset by Medicaid and SSI*. This solution also assists families and caregivers in “spend down” situations.

Question 3: Many families and caregivers find that insurance companies will NOT insure individuals with special needs. Will Special Considerations cover my loved one?
Solution : Special Considerations provides an irrevocable trust funded by insurance, which is available to ALL individuals with special needs regardless of age or disability.

Question 4: Many Residential Providers lack a systematic program to ensure that all of their residents are guaranteed a dignified funeral and the means to fund it. How does Special Considerations guarantee a dignified funeral and the means to fund it?
Solution : Special Considerations provides a systematic enrollment program, which organizes and simplifies the funeral planning process for each resident. This ensures the continuity of services provided among all residents of a group home. Enrollment consists of three easy steps:

1. Contact Special Considerations and provide the name, date of birth, social security number, and the amount of money the client can afford to pay monthly.

2. We will complete all the enrollment forms and send the forms to your email address as a PDF file, for your ease of printing.

3. Sign and attach a check, payable to the insurance company, and return it in the postage paid envelopes provided.

*State-specific limitations may apply.