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Creating Special Considerations

“Denied”, the voice on the other end of the phone sternly replied; a piercing dial tone
followed. She hung the phone up, and with shaking hands gathered her things from her
desk to leave. The new mother, thought of her son with down syndrome waiting for her
at home. Why wouldn’t any insurance company offer coverage for her child with special
needs? How was she suppose to insure that he could have a proper burial should
anything happen suddenly? In that moment, she knew things had to change.


That new mother, Ruth Wolf, quickly began to see that there was a void in the special
needs community for end of life planning. She met with insurance companies and
learned that the data they were using was grossly out of date; thus putting the special
needs community at a higher risk level than they actually were. Ruth provided the
insurance company with more up to date and concise mortality and morbidity
information and was granted a pilot program in 1997.


Now, over 20 years later, Special Considerations is continuing to build off of the
foundation that Ruth laid. Our nationwide Burial Insurance Program continues to grow
and evolve. Our guaranteed issue, whole life product covers all individuals with special
needs, regardless of age or health conditions. We offer different types of payment
schedules; working with each individual’s budget to insure monthly premiums are
comfortable, or making lump sum payments for spend down situations. Our policies
may be taken to any funeral home, nationwide at the time of need; making our program
completely portable. Policy proceeds may be used for anything associated with the
insured’s end of life needs; making our program completely flexible.


Our main goal at Special Considerations is to ensure that all of our individuals with
special needs have the dignified end of life that they deserve. No one deserves to be
denied that right.

July 24, 2017

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